Maximizer Deer mineral is also available with Expect Healthy Deer Technology.
What are the benefits of feeding Expect Healthy Deer Technology™?

Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ is much more than just a way to help combat EHD. There are numerous benefits which help to keep deer healthy and productive. Here are some of them –

* Enhances the immune system –This helps deer stay healthy from other disease and health risks.

*Optimizes digestion via improved rumen and gut health –This allows deer to better absorb and utilize nutrients ingested through feeding.

*Enhances antler growth –This happens through several ways. To start a healthier animal is a more productive animal. A buck that has an enhanced immune system and proper digestive health is better able to convert the nutrients it consumes into antler. Also the vasodilatation properties increase blood flow and thus nutrient delivery to growing antlers.

*Aids in reducing biting insects –Insects not only pose a variety of disease and health issues but they also cause an animal discomfort and make them less productive.

*Mitigates heat stress –The vasodilatation properties caused by the consumption of Expect Healthy Deer Technology™ helps an animal dissipate heat and remain more comfortable and thus productive.

*Promotes feed intake –Expect Healthy Deer Technology contains appetite stimulants to encourage an animal to consume more feed. With a well-tuned digestive system the animal is then able to covert those nutrients to body maintenance and growth, fawn production, milk for nursing fawns and antler growth.

*Improves reproductive performance –An animal with a well-tuned digestive system and immune system is better equipped to breed on time, have more fawns and better care for those fawns through increased milk supply. The resulting bigger and healthier fawns are then better positioned to survive and become larger, healthier and more productive adults.

Maximizer deer mineral was developed after more than 20 years of extensive research with both captive whitetails as well as wild deer. Unlike other salt-dominated products which offer very little nutritional benefit to deer, Maximizer Deer Mineral is specifically formulated with over 20 micro and macro-nutrients; many in precise proportion to each other. Maximizer also contains an all-natural, anti-parasitic compound to help keep your deer herd healthy.

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Real World Wildlife Seed was started by two real world hunters, Don Higgins and Kevin Boyer along with Kitchen Seed Company. Real World Wildlife Seed has recently rebranded and is now Real World Wildlife Products. They still have the best seed on the market and they have expanded to include a variety of other hunting and conservation products. We carry Real World's full line of products.

Don was tired of the disappointing results he had when using the specialized food-plot products on the market. Because of his desire to have the very best food-plots possible on his own property, he decided to do something about it. Working with his friend and business partner Kevin Boyer and the folks at Kitchen Seed Company, they began testing as many varieties of seed as they could get their hands on.

They combined this “real world” testing done on their own hunting properties with lab analysis of plant samples to create seed blends for Real World Wildlife Seed Company.
Our motto is “Dare to Compare”; we don’t want you to buy our seed products based on marketing ploys but instead we challenge you to plant our seed blends side by side with any others on the market and see for yourself. Compare contents. Compare price. Compare results. There is likely not another food-plot seed company that encourages its customers to plant their products side by side with the competition. ”   Don Higgins

Whitetail Soybeans

One of the best crops for whitetail food plots.

Real Worlds new “Generation-2” soybeans is a blend of 4 different soybean varieties with maturities ranging from 4.0 to 5.4 and are better for wildlife food plots than other soybeans for these reasons
-They produce a tremendous amount of forage and grain to feed your deer throughout the entire hunting season. Forage soybeans often die and provide nothing after the first frost.
– They are shatter resistant, meaning the soybean grain will stay within the pods where deer can readily consume it.
– They are higher in oil content than most other soybean varieties. High-oil soybeans are more attractive to hungry whitetails and provide higher levels of important nutrients.